I'm definitely not a “player” and am only interested i
quietandplayer 47 year old Male
I am Seeking a: Woman
Lives In: Sydney Australia
About Me: I spend more time reading and thinking than talking. I think I'm knowledgeable but not opinionated. I think empathy and tolerance are two of the most important qualities a person can have. I'm a person who has undergone an epiphany over the last few years. I have become more social and outgoing! I've quit my old dull job, did a course and got a new exciting job. I used to be fairly chunky but am now fairly slim. I have progressed from vigorous walking to running and from mild stretching to Pilates. I'd love a partner to exercise with. If you're not fit no matter it's much easier with two. I like going out to dinner and then trying to cook the same dish at home.

I am looking for: I am interested in marriage to a simple Russian girl who will want to live in Australia.

Gender: Male
Lives In: Sydney Australia
I am Seeking a: Woman
Age: 47 year old
Seeking: Marriage
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Divorced
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Education: Some college
My Interests: Computers, Cooking, World, Music, Cycling, Food, Camping, Jazz, Music, Dance, Music,
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